Religious Education

Program  Statement

The spiral method, which is the teaching recommended by the Archdiocese, opens the opportunity for students, families, and catechists to revisit and deepen their understanding of the doctrines and practices of the Catholic faith many times throughout their journey in our program.


$100 for one child, $40 for any additional children.  $20 book fee for all grades.

8th grade/Confirmation additional book fee + retreat fee of $25.

Anyone encountering financial difficulty, please contact Religious Education for a payment plan or fee waiver (authorized by the Pastor).  No family will be turned away for the inability to pay.

Documents Needed at Registration

Copy of birth certificate.

Copy of Sacraments certificates.

Registration form/photo release/medical form filled out.

Parish registration for the family.

Parish and parent agreement signed and dated.

Sacramental Preparation

Children are required to receive two consecutive years of preparation to receive a sacrament at the end of the second year.

Reconciliation:  is given the second year of Eucharist preparation and a separate class is given on a weekday if necessary.

Eucharist:   is given starting in the 2nd grade and requires 2 year preparation.

Confirmation:   All 8th grade students having completed one full year of pre-confirmation are entered into preparation.  Students past the 8th grade will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Preparation for Teen/High School students is one year if other initiation sacraments are complete.  Preparation will consist of extra class time during the week.

*If a child has not been baptized, they are still enrolled in the religious education program and special arrangements will be made for the child to receive baptism as soon as possible.


Volunteers are needed and appreciated, not only as catechists, but also in various supportive roles for the program.  Please contact the director, Maria Franco.

Maria Franco, Coordinator of Religious Education

708-343-6120 ext 202

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